Probability and Statistics ::.
The group of Probability and Statistics has two main objectives: to develop fundamental research on Probability and Mathematical Statistics, and to use the concepts and the methodologies from those fields in applied research programs, like technological, clinical, biological or social scientific projects.

The scientific activities of the group include regular seminars and workshops with colleagues from applied departments, as well as the participation in national and international scientific meetings.

Prof. Manuel Scotto
phone: (+351) 234370650/359
Fax: (+351) 234382014
IASC 07 Statistics for Data Mining, Learning and Knowledge Extraction
A satellite conference of the 56th Session of the Internatinal Statistical Institute.
Workshop on Integer-valued Time Series Modelling (WINTS09)
The Workshop on Integer-valued Time Series Modelling will be held in Aveiro (Portugal) from September 3 to 5, 2009. It features the latest scientific developments in the field of modelling time series of counts and their applications. (
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