Functional Analysis and Applications ::.
The general aim of the group is to perform research in the fields of function spaces, differential equations and inclusions, calculus of variations, and operator theory.

In a more detailed way, the group performs research in:
1. Function Spaces (FS)
1.1. FS of generalized and variable smoothness
1.2. FS of variable integrability
1.3. FS over fractals and quasi-metric spaces
1.4. Box and Hausdorff dimensions of graphs of functions in FS

2. Operator Theory:
2.1. Wiener-Hopf plus/minus Hankel operators
2.2. Pseudo-differential operators
2.3. Operator relations
2.4. Wave diffraction problems from an operator theory viewpoint
2.5. Potential theory
2.6. Piecewise almost periodic functions

3. Differential Inclusions
3.1. Gradient inclusions
3.2. Existence and multiplicity of solutions to boundary value problems.
3.3 Periodic solutions for differential inclusions with the p-Laplacian

4. Variational and degree theory methods for nonlinear boundary value problems.

5. Lavrentiev phenomenon and Lipschitzian regularity of minimizers in the Calculus of Variations

The group runs a biweekly seminar during lecture time, with the concern that the majority of speakers come from outside the R&D Unit and a not negligible percentage of these do their research activities outside the country.

Prof. Doutor Luís Filipe Castro
phone: (+351) 234370683
Fax: (+351) 234382014
"Views on ODEs"
International conference in honour of Arrigo Cellina and James Yorke on the occasion of their 65 birthday, June 21-24, Aveiro, Portugal (see
OTFUSA2005 – Conference on Operator Theory, Function Spaces and Applications
International Conference (with 60 talks and 90 participants), July 7-9, Aveiro, Portugal.
"Experiencing Mathematics"
The Research Unit Mathematics and Applications is pleased to support the coming of the UNESCO exhibition "Experiencing Mathematics" to Aveiro. This very interactive exhibition is intended to show to all visitors that mathematics is: astonishing, interesting and useful, accessible to everyone, plays a large part in daily life, that they lead to many trades, and has an important role in our culture, development and progress. Cf.
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