Algebra and Geometry ::.
The general aim of the group is to perform fundamental research in Combinatorial and Differential Geometry, Linear Algebra, Computer Algebra, Algebraic Logic and Cathegory Theory. It also develops an interdisciplinary project, Geometrix, for the implementation of different adaptive computer aided learning environments for the teaching of Mathematics, with special attention for the teaching of Geometry.

The group maintains a weekly seminar and keeps running intensive courses according to the interests and of its members and the availability of human resources.

Prof. Ana Breda
phone: (+351) 234370665
International Conference in Mathematics, Sciences and Science Education, ICMSE 2006
International Conference, Aveiro, Portugal, June 11-14, 2006
The Third Workshop "Symmetries in Graphs, Maps and Complexes", SIGMAC'06
Workshop, Aveiro, Portugal, July 16 - July 21, 2006
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